OpenBSD On MacBook Pro:
Connect to Wi-Fi

16 Feb, 2019


bge0 network interface is configured when installing OpenBSD. Then netstart initializes network when the system boots.

If not, run it manually:

doas sh /etc/netstart bge0


The wireless card on MPB doesn't work with OpenBSD, so I had to buy an external Wi-Fi USB adapter (Edimax EW-7811UN).

After plugging in, a prepackaged version of the firmware needs to be installed:

doas fw_update

Make sure that the network interface is configured:

ifconfig urtwn0

And you're ready to start the interface:

doas sh /etc/netstart urtwn0

Persistent config

To join your network on boot, you need to create a config file:

# vim /etc/hostname.urtwn0

nwid my-network-name
wpakey my-network-password