17 Oct—24 Oct, 2019

Corfu smells like seaweed, and there is no luggage storage at the airport.

Once we got out of the airport, our plane has already flown back.

Day 1 - Πέμπτη

We were walking around and eating local food — the special buns with different toppings.

They also produce Corfu Beer on the island.

We rented a car, public transport is not very popular.

I got my driving license in 2011 and didn't drive much since then.

The first question was "how to turn on the engine", the second — "where is the button for passing lights".

The sky was dark when we turned into the village and saw a small animal, maybe a marten. It wasn't our village, and a kind gentleman helped us to do a u-turn on a tiny street. We even visited his house for real quick, to see the ads of plastic ears and pictures of his other house on facebook.

Smiling and wagging good boy Rocky, lemon tea and a spoon of thyme honey as a perfect end of the whole day of travelling.

Day 2 - Παρασκευή

On the way to the beach, we stopped around the airport to cross a small bridge from which you can see how planes take off.

According to the legend, Mouse island was the ship that brought Odyssey to the island during a storm, and god Poseidon turned it into this green rock.

Honey farm was closed so we visited the winery instead.

Day 3 - Σάββατο

On Corfu, black cypresses are very dangerous.

While you sleep, their roots grow into your brains and steal them, and when you wake up you are mad, head as empty as a whistle.

So be warned, little lord, and don't sleep here.

All tavernas start preparing for winter, it's getting harder to find something opened.

Day 4 - Κυριακή

Crossing and recrossing the island every day, coffee in the morning and swimming in the afternoon.

Visited several beaches and got cool tattoos, the ones coming with bubble gum.

Dinner in a fancy fish restaurant in Kerkyra.

Day 5 - Δευτέρα

Starting a day with espresso freddo is always good. It wakes you up, it gives you enough energy to get to the beach.

We parked the car in a village and started our hike to the top of Pantokrator.

It took us 2 hours one way, and 1.5 hours on the way back.

Wonderful nature, grazing goats, and nobody else around.


Day 6 - Τρίτη

Sweet breakfast day!

And then drove to Gyaliskári beach. It was quite lonely there, maybe 5 people in total.

Spent the whole day at the beach. Swimming, sunbathing, swimming again.

Then visited taverna ΤΟ ΤΣΙΠΟΥΡΑΔΙΚΟ ΕΚΤΟΣ ΣΧΕΔΙΟΥ ΚΑΙ ΟΤΙ ΠΡΟΚΥΨΕΙ for the second time. Wonderful tapas and cats walking around your table.

Day 7 - Τετάρτη

We went to the same beach as yesterday. There was no more sunbeds, only two umbrellas.

Sunset and a very good dinner at Ambelonas.

Day 8 - Πέμπτη

Woke up early and got on the road, back to the town.

Stopped to wash the car.

I couldn't wash the scratches out, but it was not a big deal in the end, our insurance covered everything.

Keys dropped into the mail box, we got coffee and started roaming around, to kill some time before the flight back.