15 May—20 May, 2019


I stayed 3 days in Malaga, working remotely.

Switching from sunglasses to the beer glasses and back.


I've heard, the houses have to be painted white due to a law. But what's the real reason for that?

Maybe it's too much sun so you have to defend your building with all the power of reflecting. Or someone decided to sell the white paint to everyone and got goverment support?

Anyway, I didn't take any pictures of Jimena on my camera.

Just a few on my phone.

Let's better talk about the soundtracks of this journey.

We've listened to the whole Scorpion album several times during the road trip. That was my first conscious time of listening to this artist.

I still haven't seen the video how Snoop Dog went to Africa and turned into Snoop Lion.

And of course, when our hangover went over after taking very effective painkillers, we left Jimena and went towards Tarifa.


This place is a magnet for windsurfers.

And a place where you hide your shoes in the bushes so you can save both ears from the constantly blowing wind while walking on the beach.

You can meet a person who lives in a retro fire track.

We've seen lots of bikers in Tarifa.

It's just nice to walk around when there is no wind chasing you.


As soon as you get to Ronda, go straight to Tropicana.

Of course it will be busy, but please ask for a place at the bar.

And then after a fancy lunch get lost in this lovely town.

There is a lot to tell about this journey but i got lost and speechless somewhere on the road.

The whole trip was filmed on kodak ektar 100.